Who really is an illiterate? (find out)

Who really is an illiterate? (find out)

This has been bothering my mind ever since I came across someone who is unable to read, write and speak English and was labeled an illiterate.

Now let's get it straight. According to research. An illiterate is someone who is unable to read or write, or who is ignorant about a certain subject. But in this case, the said person can speak and write in other languages, and can communicate well in those areas, but because he was not fortunate to learn and write in English he was termed illiterate.

Do you think this is enough to qualify him an illiterate?

I'll take a friend as case study, written English he is good, but not a good orator, meaning
he cant speak good English yet he is one of the best student during  their time in school. does that mean he's an illiterate?

Now going by the definition, don't you think we're all illiterate in one way or the other?

Have your say please.


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